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To be human is love. 人性就是爱。 人就是爱。 爱是人的本性。

what it means to be human 它对人类意味着什么 双语对照 例句: 1. Is a key part of what it means to be human. 对人类来讲是非常重要的一环. 2. That quality is the distilled essence of what it means to be human. 此特性乃是何谓人类的...

I analyze and I verify and I quantify enough one hundred percentile no errors, no miss I synchronize and I specialize and I classify so much don't worry 'bout dreaming because I don't sleep I wish I could at least 30 percent ma...

歌曲名:New Way To Be Human 歌手:Switchfoot 专辑:Double Take: New Way To Be Human/Learning To Breathe Switchfoot - New Way To Be Human Everyday it's the same thing Another trend has begun Hey kids, this might be the one It's a r...

前半,原句是Give yourself the permission to be human. 让自己流露真性情,做真实的自我。 后半,Accept who you are. 接受自己的本心,给自己一个清楚的定位。

准许自己为人 permission to be human才对,你应该对一下,没有premission这个词

72---75 BADB 72.B 点评:细节理解题。在文章第一自然段中可以找到“Otherwise,you might be controlled by the ideas of others.”因此B为正确选项。73.A 点评:细节理解题。在文章第三自然段“If you are curious about life and desire to dig...

be more human 更像人类 例句 1.I really don't want my computer to be more "human-like, " as human interactions are typically much more time consuming and complex. 我不想我的计算机“更像人类”,因为人类交流典型地更耗费时,而却复杂...

陈述句的意思:科技正在改变我们对于科技影响人类的看法 翻译应该是:科技到底是怎样改变我们对于科技影响人类的看法的? 【速度回答,有疑问请再问,祝开心~】 ---VINE521单人团一个人在战斗

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