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To be human is love. 人性就是爱。 人就是爱。 爱是人的本性。

“成为一个人需要什么条件”,或者“人性就是……” 这实际上是一个不定式短语,里面套有从句。“what it is”是一个主语从句,做“to be”的主语,“human”做不定式“to be”的表语。

歌曲名:New Way To Be Human 歌手:Switchfoot 专辑:Double Take: New Way To Be Human/Learning To Breathe Switchfoot - New Way To Be Human Everyday it's the same thing Another trend has begun Hey kids, this might be the one It's a r...

what it means to be human 它对人类意味着什么 双语对照 例句: 1. Is a key part of what it means to be human. 对人类来讲是非常重要的一环. 2. That quality is the distilled essence of what it means to be human. 此特性乃是何谓人类的...

This is what it means to be human to be human 这是什么意思是人类的人类 This is what it means to be human to be human 这是什么意思是人类的人类

to be human也可以理解为作为一个人,这样你是不是比较好理解一些了呢? 作为一个人,就会哭

前半,原句是Give yourself the permission to be human. 让自己流露真性情,做真实的自我。 后半,Accept who you are. 接受自己的本心,给自己一个清楚的定位。

72---75 BADB 72.B 点评:细节理解题。在文章第一自然段中可以找到“Otherwise,you might be controlled by the ideas of others.”因此B为正确选项。73.A 点评:细节理解题。在文章第三自然段“If you are curious about life and desire to dig...

Now all the persons in the world are talking about being more environmentally friendly, which calls on us to be a greener person. Being a greener person means that we should try our best to pollute the environment less and be m...

陈述句的意思:科技正在改变我们对于科技影响人类的看法 翻译应该是:科技到底是怎样改变我们对于科技影响人类的看法的? 【速度回答,有疑问请再问,祝开心~】 ---VINE521单人团一个人在战斗

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