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starve to death[英][stɑ:v tu: deθ][美][stɑrv tu dɛθ] 饿死; 例句: 1. Men won't come to this town anymore. We'll starve to death! 男人不会再来这个城镇我们会饿死! 2. It is possible for a moose to starve to death with its sto...

starve 做及物动词是 使挨饿 的意思。 一般都说I am starved to death. 而I starve to death的用法错误。 不过可以说He starved me to submission.他饿我来让我就范


starve to death英 [stɑ:v tu: deθ] 美 [stɑrv tu dɛθ] [词典]饿死; [网络]每年世界上会有许多人饿死; 快要饿死了; [例句]We have to eat, or we will starve to death. 我们不得不吃点东西,否则我们就饿死了

starve to death 英[stɑ:v tu: deθ] 美[stɑrv tu dɛθ] 饿死 [例句]Men won 't come to this town anymore . We 'll starve to death! 男人不会再来这个城镇我们会饿死!

starve既是及物动词又是不及物动词: 作为及物动词,starve 表示“主语使人或动物挨饿或饿死”,如: They decided to starve the enemy out. 他们决定使敌人受饿而出来。【指他们使敌人被迫处于挨饿的状态】 Don't starve the kitten. 别饿着小猫...

You deserve to starve to death.你活该饿死。

一般都说I am starved to death.因为starve本身是及物动词。没有I starve to death的用法 不过可以说He starved me to submission。他饿我来让我就范。

The lonely student is starving for friendship. 那个寂寞的学生渴望友情。 seven million people starved to death. 饿死的有七百万人。 The animals had died of starvation. 动物因饥饿而死亡。 如不明白请追问,如果满意请采纳 手机提问者...


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