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1.Regarding to the issue of UPS package Previous mail was already received and the goods' use was well known by it. Requested by our customs, pls provide exact chinese name,quantity, and unit price. Only with it in detail, we c...




1.A D B B A B D D A C C B B B A B 2/Kind tall shy asking why got his head in a book He doesn't care how I look

你好,答案依次是:ABCBDBBAAD 希望可以帮助到你

1.文言文两则 《学奕》 弈秋,通国之/善弈者也。使/弈秋/诲/二人弈,其一人/专心致志,惟/弈秋之为听;一人/虽/听之,一心以为/有鸿鹄/将至,思/援弓缴/而射之。虽/与之/俱学,弗若之矣。为是/其智/弗若与?曰:非/然也。《两小儿辩日》 孔子/东...

Unit 1 tall—taller更高的 short—shorter 更矮的 strong—stronger 更强壮的 old—older 年龄更大的 young—younger 更年轻的 big—bigger 更大的 heavy—heavier 更重的 long—longer 更长的 t hin—thinner 更瘦的 small—smaller (体型)更小的 feet...

Mike:How heavy are you? Mike:你有多重? Zhang:I'm 48 kg. zhang:我48千克。 Mike:I‘m thinnre than you,and shorter。 mike:我比你瘦(或轻),又比你矮。 Zhang:Yes.I’m bigger and stronger than you。 zhang:是的,我比你大并且强...

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