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during the past years在过去几年中 during(在...期间)用现在完成时态

in the past few years 在过去的几年里 例子I've seen little of her in the past few weeks. 记住: in/over the past/last few years 都是现在完成时态的标志. Over the past few years all this has changed. 在过去的几年中这一切都改变了。

in the past few years和in the last few years 属于 【近义短语,一般可替换使用,也没有多少用法差异。】 意思都是:在过去几年中。 用法:都要与完成时态搭配。 例如: In the past few years,there have been great changes in our city. 祝...

in the last few years 在最后几年里in the past few years 在过去的几年里 in the past few years 用于现在完成时态.例:In the past few years they have been dealing with quite a few international corporations successfully. 在过去的几...

用have因这句中的这个时间表示数年之多。不表示一个整体。所以不用单数。但下面的例子和它不同 Ten years is a long time.十年是很长的一段时间。(这句中把十年看成一个整体所以用单数)

in the past three years 在过去的三年里 通常用于现在完成时 They have finished the work in the past three years.

在过去的两年里,用现在完成时 例如 In the past two years, fitness has become a fad. 过去2年来,健美已蔚为风尚 The famous writer______one new book in the past two years. [ ] A. is writing B. was writing C. wrote D. has written 正...

1 the last few years 这五年中==since the last few years ago 。 又如: He has lived there in the last five years ==He has lived there for 5 years. He has lived there since 5 years ago. 2 the past five years 过去的五年-------用一...

事实上,这个短语的原型是in the few years,特指那几年,past只是用来修饰the few years,因为冠词需要放在修饰词前面,所以就成了你所看到的in the past a few years。 不知道这样说你明白了么? 【Vickey英语】为你解答,还有更多视频课程,帮...

in/for the last/past decade 最近10年来/里 in recent years 意思是“近几年来”。如:in/during/for the last/past five years 近5年以来 祝你学习进步!希望你能满意!

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