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know ABout sB,know oF sB和know sB 的区别是什么?

1、know about sb 知道/了解某人的情况 The more banks know about customers, the more they can tailor solutions to meet customer needs. 2、know of sb 知道某人(指的听说过某人,但不一定认识) I know of her but I have never met her....

你的基本上对了,加个becasue 变成know of sb because of sth就更对了 例句: I know of her because of a summer class last year. 因为我们去年暑假一起上课,所以我知道她 如果还有问题可以找我哦~

Time tell sb sth,the answer you have know. As a result of your consideration. Sb you really love, the choice you have to make. Nothing for you, just a little pian. It's a unique sample,it's a life experience for you. We hunman ...

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