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it is sAmE to还是For,为什么?

it is same to you

一、same后面接with或to。例如: 1. He was in the same factory with me. 他那时和我在同一家工厂。 2. It is the same to us. 这对我们来说是一样的。 两者可以通用

区别是true的对象、true的具体含义和被形容为true的客体。 根据所看到的例句,常见区别: sth be true for sb sth be true of sth/sb (常与as well,too,the same有并列含义的词组联合使用) sb be true with sb sb/sth be true to sb 以上,...

你问 这题的A怎么解释? 为什么不选A 以英语为本国语的人,大概很少会遇上实际需要而主动地说出 It was the same as Johny. 这个句子来 多数情况下他们会说: It was the same as Johny's. (那个物件跟加恩尼的那个一样。按照语境也可以了解为:...

1对答形式 'Would you prefer to go out for a meal or eat in?' 你想外出吃,还是在家吃? "It's all the same to me." 我无所谓,怎样都可以. -----表示你对问题没有什麼意见 2造句 It is all the same to me whether I stay at home or travel. ...

so it is the same with sb是某人也一样 so it is with sb没有什么意思的 it is the same with sb和so it is the same with sb意思一样的

It'll never be enough It's obvious you're meant for me Every piece of...Does it feel the same? Would you leave if I was ready to settle down?...

I am afraid everything wil be changed,I do not like it.if you come to...same to me,thanks a lot for your enthusiasm,there is a word in china ...

to不是介词,不能够直接加名词 这个句式it是形式主语,真正的主语是to后面的,而be是构成名词短语的一个成分 亲,我的回答你满意吗? 如果我的回答对你有用的话, 请采纳一下哦! 采纳之后你也将获得5财富值奖励!

意思是 什么对我来说都行

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