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health是名词 food也是名词 修饰名词要用形容词

Do you often eat healthy food?


A 试题分析:强调句式, It is adj for sb to do sth,做某事对某人来说怎么样。For是介词,后面接表示人的对象,to是不定式符号,后面接动词原形。句意:我认为对健康食品对我们有好处。结合语境可知选A。


we should eat healthy food in order to keep healthy. we should eat healthy food so that we can keep healthy.

I like to have a healthy diet food. It is useful for me to eat healthy food. It offers me a lot of energy.We need to healthy food rather than junk food or fast food. Hamburgers and french fries are the common examples of junk f...

TO keep healthy eat healthy food,please.

答案: D Do they eat healthy food? 他们吃的食物健康吗?

to eat to buy

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