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He deliver loaners to customers. 把手续给客户. deliver s.th. to s.b. 不是 deliver to the sb 希望采纳!

前者是动词 后者是名词 应该用前一句

deliver a. 使产下,使…分娩 b. 帮助 分娩 [生产] The doctor ~ed the woman. 医师帮助那位妇女分娩 c. 使 生产 [婴儿] [of] She was ~ed of a girl last week. 她上周产下一个女婴 give birth to bring forth children 生(孩子) *Jane's mothe...

deliver [di'livə][vt.] (邮件、货物等)投递,递送,分送,分发,送交;传送;运输: 例句: to deliver mails / 投递邮件例句: to deliver a package / 投递包裹放弃; 转让;引渡;移交,交出,交付(over,up): 例句: They delivered the t...

看看lr 服务端和agent的磁盘空间是否满了. 另外检查下 MapViewOfFile 函数调用的文件地址.

deliver 发表; 递送; 交付; 投递 I have orders to deliver it to Mr Demiris personally. 我奉命要把它送给德米里斯先生本人。 很高兴第一时间为您解答,祝学习进步如有问题请及时追问,谢谢~~O(∩_∩)O


(a) [Tn.pr only passive 只用於被动语态] be ~ed of sb (fml 文) give birth to (a child) 生(小孩儿): She was delivered of a healthy boy. 她生了一个健康的男孩儿. (b) [Tn] help a mother to give birth to (a child) 协助产妇分娩; 助...

deliver和ship之间的区别是: deliver的意思是 (1)vt.交付;发表;递送;使分娩。 01The Canadians plan to deliver more food to southern Somalia . 加拿大计划向索马里南部地区运送更多的食品。 02They have yet to show that they can really...

英文:when you deliver to my address? 中文:你送货到我的地址? 您的问题已经为您解答,如对您有帮助,请及时采纳! 如对本问题仍有疑问可继续追问,Good luck!

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