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By thE Air or By Air


B 考查介词。care for 是“照顾”的意思。句意:地震之后,伤者在医院里照料或用飞机送到临近的城市的医院。

谁跟你说这里的travel是名词啊,我确定一定以及肯定的告诉你这是动词。 如果不明白继续追问,我一一解答,如果满意请采纳!

We got into a violent ___ about whether to go by sea or by air. A...When learning a foreign language, the best ___ is to speak as much as...

改错: During the weekend I travelled by【删掉the】air for the first time in my life. I generally travel by train or by bus【because they are】cheaper and safer【, but】 this was a short journey. In the beginning I didn't【改fal...

1.A 【解析:这里的way 解释为方法,后面有各种方式,所以选way】 2.A 【解析:as+形容词/副词(原级)+as,副词来修饰live】 3.B 【解析:How +形容词+the +名词+is】 求采纳!谢谢 【俊狼猎英】

1. by air 乘飞机。如:He went to Paris by air. 他乘飞机去了巴黎。Which is faster, by air or by train? 坐飞机快还是坐火车快? 2. air 在空中;在流传中;渺茫。如:Birds fly in the air. 鸟在空中飞。The plan is quite (up) in the air....

Nowadays we can travel by many different transportation tools. To travel in long distance perhaps the most popular option is by air or by rail. Compared to rail, it is very fast by air. So it will help you saving a lot of time ...

呵呵,非要区分的话,你坐飞艇,热气球,就是by air,不能说by plane。

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