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一种 是细胞系,另一种是原代细胞培养的

4. Our bone marrow contains fat in the form of small globules. 我们的骨髓中含有小球状的脂肪。5. Character is not separable from physical form but is...

Bone marrow biopsy report:trabecular gap hematopoietic tissue hyperplasia, the ... regional easily see the immature precursor cells, visibleALIP, erythroid ...

bone-marrow 骨髓 双语对照 例句: 1. Kim suffered from a rare bone-marrow disease twinned with cancer. 她患的是一种罕见的类似于癌症的骨髓玻 2. L'd never let you down.you can have my bone-marrow. 我不会让你失望的.你要相信我这次是...


bone marrow biopsy evaluation骨髓活检评价的意思


My love for you is already thorough marrow

Equip him with a pair of Marrowwalk Boneweave Boots and bam, the glitch is done. The "Level 33 Bone Prison (13 Charges)" instead of giving you ...

两种说法: bone-marrow transplant或者medullary transplanting operation 例句: 1.她接受了骨髓移植手术。 She had a bone-marrow transplant. 2.24岁,接受骨髓移植手术后,假如手术成功,恢复良好,她可以像正常人一样活到老吗? 24 years ...

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