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be 不就是do,overly过度地,副词前面当然要加be动词

tend 是不及物动词,tend to 相当于及物动词,后面可跟动词或名词,或副词 一些例句: You tend to be a pessimist. 你有悲观者的倾向。 His teeth tend to jut out a little. 他的牙齿长得有点儿凸出。 We tend to treat persons like goods. ...

All this cannot be achieved overnight. Six o'clock in the afternoon is tend to be busy around the stadium. This area is not safe now, it's better to stay away from it. In terms of sales, it is one of the five major supermarkets...

they find a new thing . 祝学习进步,天天快乐!

I tend to agree that young children can be negatively affected by too mcuh time spent on the coumputer every day. This is partly because ...

A is to be preferred as B tend to.o an End A是优选的,因为B倾向于。 A is to be preferred as B tend to.o an End A是优选的,因为B倾向于。

tend to 是动词词组,倾向 trend to 是名词词组,……的趋势

Clung to him is a rope. 他紧攥住的是一条绳子。 It means a lot to me. 这对我来说意味着很多。 It's capable of moving people to action, or so Milton may have believed. 做一些能够让人们行动起来,或相信弥尔顿的实事。 And when it doe...

D 试题分析:考查连词。A因为;B除非;C当……时候;D然而。句意:北方的学校趋向于更好的装备,而那些南方的学校相对差点。故D正确。

我有个翻盖手机。很旧,都掉漆了。我想至今已经用了六七年。 但是这已经算是好的了,因为我一贯不会好好保养手机 tend to 一向,一贯,倾向。 hard on 严厉对待

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