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A is to B whAt C is to D, whAt什么词性?

a is to b what c is to d这个结构不严谨,应该是a is to b like what c is to d,what作介词like的宾语。 air is to man like what water is to fish; air is to man what water is to fish【不太正规】.

名词性从句练习题 1. ____they have won the game made us excited.A./B ThatC.WhatD.Where 2. ____I accept the gift or refuse it is none of your business. A.If B.WhetherC.Even ifD.When 3. ____he says in his report is a very interest...

1、She is no longer the sweet little girl___she used to be. A、what B、who C、when D、that 答案D,为什么? 2、He got angry with ___ was agai...

1选b a应该加一个to 2看不懂,问题只有一个问句还是下面一句也是? 3选a 4选d 句子成份分析不出来,大学了基本就不学英语了,错了不要怪我啊

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