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How nice a cake.

两种方法 以what开头的感叹句 What a nice cake it is. 以how开头 How nice that cake is

What a nice cake!

原句: lt is a tasty cake. 改为感叹句: 1、What a tasty cake it is! 2、How a tasty cake!

How delicious this cake is!或者What a piece of delicious cake it is! 基本上~陈述句变成感叹句都有以How开头或者以What开头的两种

what a beautiful girl she is! How beautiful the girl is! 可以简单地记为:how +形容词+主语+谓语,what+冠词+形容词+主语+谓语 其中主语+谓语可以省略 如what nice weather (today is)! How disappointed (it is)! 只要理清句子的主谓位置就...

How delicious the mooncake is!

你这是问句啊还是感叹句啊? 问句: How big is the cake? 感叹句: What a big cake! How big the cake is!

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