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Release vt. 释放;发射;让与;允许发表 n. 释放;发布;让与 He will release an album of love songs. 他将发行一张情歌专辑。 She felt the sudden release of her own tears. 她感到自己的眼泪突然地流出来。

放弃要求。 只有与新闻等搭配的时候才有“发布”的意思; 在法律上的意思都是放弃或弃权,而claim是一个典型的法律词汇。 相似例句: He decided to release his claim to property. 他决定放弃对财产的要求。

作为动作的话,翻译为 软件发布 作为名词的话,翻译为 软件版本 动词,the latest software version will be released 2 days later 名词,the latest software release is put on the server.

equity release 股票发行 双语对照 例句: 1. Britain and the us have the most competitive mortgage markets, and have also beenpioneers in equity release schemes that enable people to spend the capital gainsaccrued in their homes. ...

controled release packaging 缓释包装祝你生活愉快! 希望能帮到您! 满意请采纳,谢谢!

候选版。 是指一样东西在正式发布之前的一个候选阶段,非正式的。

长效感冒药~ 就是说长期发挥药效的意思~

“自由释放。。(粒子)” 也有这个意思:压敏的 比如: This tape is made from a thin polyolefin film that is coated on one side with a high tack residue free release adhesive. 该胶带为聚烯烃薄膜,单面涂布不留残留物的高粘度压敏胶。

The BMW Group will release a new vehicle soon.

这是一封邮件的标题,标题是RELEASE AND WAIVER OF CLAIM-免除以及豁免索赔 发件人发出邮件,收件人回复后,会在前面加RE-,其实是reply (回复) RE:RELEASE AND WAIVER OF CLAIM --回复:免除以及豁免索赔

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