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这个单词是什么意思 这句话用英语怎么说

这个单词是什么意思? (1) What is the meaning of this word? (2) What does this word mean?

我不知道这个单词是什么意思 1.I don't know what the word means. 2.I have no idea about the meaning of the word.

怎样 zěn yàng how: 这种现象怎样解释? How do you explain this phenomenon? 工程进行得怎样了? How is the project?

like a flower in your heart.像你内心的一朵花 那个单词是flower,花,花朵的意思

不了,谢谢。 汉语谐音是:呢欧(连起来),散克斯

guide 英[] gaɪd 美[] ɡaɪd 词典释义 guidevt.指导;引路;操纵;影响 leadvt.领导;引导;指挥 pilotn.飞行员;引航员;向导;[机械学]导向器(或轴) vectoringn.引导,定向,定航向 channel off引导

senior middle school 英 [ˈsi:njə ˈmidl sku:l] 美 [ˈsinjɚ ˈmidl skul] 高中 双语例句: After graduation from a junior middle school, he entered a senior middle school. (我国的)初[高]中他初中毕业后...

Do you know what does this word mean? How about give it a guesee?

着急的 [词典] impatient; vexatious; wrought-up; [例句]“我没什么特别着急的事,”他坚持道。 'I am in no particular hurry,' he insisted.

如果是单句,就是一般现在时的一般疑问句。 Does the word contain/have the meaning of ....? 如是主语 /宾语 /表语从句,则 whether the word has/contains the meaning of...

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