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用try.on 怎么造句

Can I try this skirt on? Can Itry on the skirt? 我可以试穿一下这条裙子吗? 说明: try on 意思是:试穿。 这是个”动词+副词“构成的动词短语,使用时,要注意宾语的位置:名词宾语既可以放在短语的中间,也可以放在短语的后面;代词宾语只能...

用短语“try sth on”造句: The shirt is beautiful . Can you try it on ?这个衬衫美丽。你能试穿它吗? Look at the new skirt . Please try it on .看这条新裙子,请试穿它。 Will you try on the coat? 你试穿一下这外套好吗? If you like it...

I'm always pleased to try out a new variety 我一直乐于尝试新产品。 Try out the menu on a few friends 让几个朋友尝尝这道菜。

Try out the demo software to get an idea of how it works. 你可以尝试一下该软件的试用版本来了解它如何工作。 如果答案对您有帮助,请点采纳或右上角好评哦!!谢谢 O(∩_∩)O

1) Many thanks for your advice, I definitely try doing so. 2) I was excited as I heard of it. 3) The exciting news is that he will come home soon. 4) As soon as you make your decision, you should try to do it without hesitation...

一般是,Let me have a try. You can have a try.

i tried my best to save his life. i will try my best to finish the mission in time. he tried his best to overcome the difficulties in learning english.

你是要各造一个句子还是合起来造一个句子? 1.I tried my best to forget you,but I think it didn't work. 2.You'd better stop the girls from crying. 3.He had to work hard for the maintenance of his family. 如果是合起来的话: I tried...

So I encourage you to try doing some things you 've never done before. 因此,我鼓励你去尝试那些你从未做过的事情。

我依偎在妈妈怀里,妈妈用她那像阳光一样暖的手抚着我的头说她会永远陪着我,我眨了眨晶莹剔透的眼睛,把头仰向妈妈说“我要永远和你在一起”。 风筝惧怕浩瀚无边的天空,像抓住一根救命稻草那样抓住牵着它的那一根线… “学生难当,初中生更难当啊!...

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