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I can't help you,but my mom can. 我不会帮你,但是我妈妈可以. I like this book,but it's too expensive. 我喜欢这本书,但是它太贵了. I'd like to go to the cinema with you,but I am too busy now. 我想和你一起去电影院,但我现在太忙了. I...

I like the cat, but I will not feed it.

but he studies Chinese

1. and He is a student, and he works hard. 他是一个学生,而且他学习很努力。 I am a teacher and I work five days a week. 我是一个老师,每周工作五天。 Her mother is a nurse, and her father is a doctor. 她妈妈是一个护士,而她爸爸...

Today is Sunday,but you should get up eraly to do morning exercises

你好,很高兴为你解答 答案如下: nothing but 只有,只不过 They care for nothing but fighting。 翻译为:他们只知道打架,什么都不关心 希望对你有帮助

Peter and I love playing computer games, but our parents don't allow us to play games. So, we needs to adandon this bad habit.

借用楼上的错句,略作修改如下: He is not only my brother but (also) my best friend. 他不仅是我的弟兄,而且也是我最好的朋友。 以上并列的是表语, 下面是更多的例句: ~Not only he but also I am looking forward to your coming soon....

he is hardworking but he is not good at studing

She is poor, but she is kind. 她很穷,但是她很善良。

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