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He drew a cat sleeping on a chair. 你的最初翻译准确无误,后面的译法就错漏太多了。


1, I went to Beijing on vacation. 2, I had a good time there. 3, The food there was very delicious and the people were very friendly.

use sth. to do sth. 这个是表示目的 还有一种是use sth. for doing 这种是表示用途的 这两种意思都差不多,看好语法用,to 后面加的是动词原形所以不能用doing

The ability to scan receipts for OCR purposes can vary from good to quiteimpossible. 以 OCR 为目的的收据扫描能力差异很大,由好到根本不能忍受。

1. Resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail what you resolve. 该做的一定要做,要做的一定要做好。 2. Are you quite clear in your own mind what you ought to do? 你自己是否清楚该做什麽? 3. How do I know what to do a...

1. All the others worried me, for one reason or another. 其他的都让我很担心,由于这样或者那样的原因。 2. The aloof composer neither worried nor cared about public opinion. 这位超然的作曲家对舆论既不担心, 也不在意。 3. It all s...

I want to be a teacher, because I want to give my knowledge to more people.


His speech raised a storm of applause. 他的演讲激起一阵暴风雨似的掌声。 The invention of television have a great impact on human life. 电视机的发明给人类生活带来了巨大的影响。

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