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22-23 BB

Mom, Dad, I've decided to go to university. I realized that higher education could benefit me in a number of ways. University will let me experience a rich cultural and social scene, meet different people and study something I ...

1, Your chance comes to shine now. 2, He didn’t come again and he didn’t write to her, either.

Use resources judiciously. 明智的使用资源 Recycle whenever possible. 尽量废物回收利用 Plant more trees. 种植更多的树

墨染_ 翻译结果: The ink stain


翻译如下 That's more or less right. Actually the first year was common to mathematics and physics; in the second year one declared for either mathematics or physics. 这或多或少是对的。实际上,第一年对于数学和物理来说是常见的,...

我也是。。。实在看不清😂 另外,都没有悬赏😕

Secondary weapon就是副武器的意思。

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