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71,B 72,C 73,No matter summer or winter, 74,make it difficult to fall asleep 75,It is essential to wear suits on formal situations

will go


Like many people, you probably also are learning how to market yourself.

I will be waiting for you at night in Los Angeles.

二把刀飘过~ go, more harder, strong batting, little effort ......... Hit (for example, hitting the 8th ball) lawed-ball 袋口相挤的球--吃库存??? Ball into the bag, the ball went into the bag Too violent! ---------------------...

本人商务英语专业 DDCB two pieces of...,three cups of...,four bags of...,至于of后面名词的单复数,就取决于该名词是否属于可数名词,如果是不可数的,就不加s,如 two pieces of chocolate,three cups of tea,four bags of rice.而如果of后面的...

Secondary weapon就是副武器的意思。

1 Before I went off to the university,my grandfather gave me a few words of wisdom which impressed me deeply. 2 I'll be grateful to you for keeping my injury from my parents. 3 At the meeting, some of my fellow workers (collea...

在10月3日的上午九点,我们出发了,大概行了7个小时的无聊路程,终于到达了目的地——响沙湾。 In the October 3 at nine in the morning, we set out, probably did seven hours of boring journey, finally reached the destination, XiangShaWa...

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