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8–11 ABCC


你好,我做的答案如下: Telling It and Chapters more a was made successful which in 希望能帮到题主。要注意大小写。:)

1) go through 2) habit 3) fond off 4) looking forward to 5) reason 6) in charge of 7) suffers 8) gone through


an egg

1 tom usually has breakfast at 7:00 tom is having breakfast now 2 they usually have English class at 8:00 they are having English class now 3 my brother usually has lunch at 12::0 my brother is having lunch now 4 we usually ha...

summer winter windy low

英语周报2015-2016高一英语下学期阶段检测(二)参考答案及部分解析 参考答案 1-5 BCCBB 6-10ACABB 11-15 ABBAC 16-20BBCAC 21-25 BDADB 26-30ABADD 31-35 CBDBA 36-40EACDG 41-45 DBABA 46-50 CDBDC 51-55 ACDAA 56-60 CACDA 61. living 62.per...

with 去掉 puzzling 改为 puzzled matter 改为 wrong that 改为 what but 改为 and she 改为 he with 去掉 what 改为 which for 改为 of harder 改为 hard will 改为 would

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