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1 works改成work 2 teacher改成teachers 3 one 改成first 4 sheeps 改成sheep 5 play 改成playing 6 doesn't 改成isn't 7 helps改成help 8 is改成are 9 do 改成does 10 is改成are

Is it OK that we effect delivery this week? Your reply at the earliest will be appreiciated. (说话者为卖家) Can we expect the goods to be delivered this week? Your reply as soon as possible will be appreciated. (说话者为买家)

A C D B A A A D C C B D C D D A C A D D 48.C 49.C

Dear Su Ru, I'm sorry to hear you're feeling worried for failing to make friends.Some tips below may be helpful to you. First,be kind,friendly and polite to others and always ready to help others,through which you'll get well p...

I'm still confirming, and I will reply to you ASAP

Campus time

These two items of samples have been craved earnestly by clients, who hoped that we could finish the delivery on August 21.

指出ㄨ独角戭的一个错误.第1,2,3,4句.我都改过了.绝对是对的 1、 房子着火了,里面的人面临着死亡的危险。(in danger of) The house is on fire,the people inside are in danger of death. 2、 他买不起这么好的房子。(afford to do) He ca...

We are sorry but we won't apply for this sample as the delivery time is too short.

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