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1 works改成work 2 teacher改成teachers 3 one 改成first 4 sheeps 改成sheep 5 play 改成playing 6 doesn't 改成isn't 7 helps改成help 8 is改成are 9 do 改成does 10 is改成are

didn't visit Did go Were busy What did do Who did play 哪里不懂欢迎追问,请放心采纳,谢谢

When does she do exercise morning?

“半身裙”翻译成英文就是: Bust skirt (超准确的哦)过翻译

Is it OK that we effect delivery this week? Your reply at the earliest will be appreiciated. (说话者为卖家) Can we expect the goods to be delivered this week? Your reply as soon as possible will be appreciated. (说话者为买家)

BDBDC 今天每个人都在这吗?不,鲍勃不在。 我很闲。我什么也不用做。 谁教你英语?林梅?没有人教我,我自学的。learn by oneself 自学 你假期怎么样?挺不错。我跟我家人去了沙滩。过去去的,用过去式。 你喜欢那里的食物吗?当然了,每一样尝...

for un-American consists occupied traditional previously plants customs traveling like

These two items of samples have been craved earnestly by clients, who hoped that we could finish the delivery on August 21.

I'm still confirming, and I will reply to you ASAP

1.This Story is about a boy who( B ). A. always breaks things B. never admits he did something wrong C. usually tells the truth D. gets into trouble for things he didn't do 2.Which of these things did the boy not do? (D) A brea...

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