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please see the information for you below

韩国联系人信息如下 The information of Korean contact is as followings.


My personal information is as follows, please find it enclosed. 赞同请采纳!

Please refer to the reply below. 祝好。

具体信息如下 Specific information is as follows

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remittance wrong. We need the correction letter from your bank to rectify the name and the account of the payee.The correct remittance material is under beneath:

The weather being fine, we went out for a walk. 是独立结构,The weather being fine是状语,次要信息; The weather was fine, and we went out for a walk. 是并列句,The weather was fine是主要信息,与we went out for a walk同等重要。

my contact information is as follows

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