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please see the information for you below

第一段:hope应改为hoping,因为前面的句子已经是完整的句子了,应用现在分词作状语。 第二段:i am free 应用将来时,还未发生,还不确定,改为i will be free or i might be free. 第三段:1.convenice为名词,这里谓语为are,宾语应用形容词,所...

具体信息如下 Specific information is as follows

韩国联系人信息如下 The information of Korean contact is as followings.

Amy的航班信息如下,请安排机场接送,多谢。 Amy flight information is as follows, please arrange the airport shuttle, thank you.

My personal information is as follows, please find it enclosed. 赞同请采纳!

系统前台功能结构图 Foreground_FunctionDiagram 系统后台功能结构图 Background_FunctionDiagram 商品大分类信息表 Merchandise_CategoryInfo_Table 商品小分类信息表 Merchandise_SubcategoryInfo_Table 订单信息主表 OrderInfo_Primary_Table...

The following is our hotel's information for your reference. 如对于我的解答有问题,欢迎继续追问~ 如果满意,请点击“采纳为满意答案”,谢谢:)

Please refer to the reply below. 祝好。

remittance wrong. We need the correction letter from your bank to rectify the name and the account of the payee.The correct remittance material is under beneath:

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