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你知道这话是什么意思吗 用英语怎么说

I do not know . I have no idea.

都不对,下确说法是:1. What do you mean by saying that ?2. What does what you said mean?3.What do your words mean?

"这是什么意思?"英文是"What does this mean?" 扩展资料 重点词汇: 什么意思 what do you mean; what does it mean 双语例句: 1、“你这是什么意思?”里克问道。 'What are you getting at now?' demanded Rick. 2、 你这是什么意思? What do ...

Do you know what is the meaning of this sentence?

sorry,I didnt get you~ what do you mean? I‘ve no idea about what you say I'm sorry,I dont understand

what is the meaning of this setence? what is the meaning? 简说

How do you interpret the meaning of this sentence?

如果别人把你要表达的意思说了一遍,你表示同意。说Definately./Exactly.是最简洁的。 硬要翻的话,你自己说的也行的通的,不过有点怪。。。 一般都是说I mean that ......(内容)。或者就是我之前说的这个definately

英语是:I mean, I want to hear you say something. 句子解释: mean 英[mi:n] 美[min] v. 意思是; 表示…的意思; 打算; 产生…结果; adj. 吝啬的; 刻薄的; 破旧的; 残忍的; n. 平均数; 中间; 几何平均; 等比中数; [例句]In modern Welsh, 'glas'...

I don't understand 或者 I can't understand 都可以。

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