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button up 例句:她急忙扣好衬衫 She hurriedly buttoned (up)blouse

纽扣 button

button 英[ˈbʌtn] 美[ˈbʌtn] n. 按钮,电钮; 纽扣,扣子; 扣状物; [植] 芽; vt. 用纽扣扣紧; 用纽扣装饰,钉钮扣于; 在…上装钮扣; vi. 扣住; 装有钮扣; 扣上钮扣; [例句]Ferguson stood up and buttoned his coat. 弗格森站...

扣子的英文:clasp 1、读音:英 [klɑːsp] 美 [klæsp] 2、翻译意思: n. 扣子,钩子;握手 vt. 紧抱;扣紧;紧紧缠绕 vi. 扣住 3、例句: CLASP is actually a set of process pieces that can be integrated into any software develo...

button button

解开纽扣 unbuttoned; undo a button; unbutton; Let me check your heart and lungs . would you undo the buttons and take a deep breath through your mouth 让我检查一下你的心脏和肺。请解开纽扣和张口呼吸。

纽扣 1. Button 2. Press Stud 3. snaps 4. BTN button

扣子手工_有道翻译 翻译结果: Button manually

磁铁扣子_ 翻译结果: The magnet clasp

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