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emergency用得比较多 还可以说urgent;pressing;critical;emergent; 两种翻译 urgent situation emergent situation 1.urgent; emergent; emergency; exigent; pressing; critical; imperative; burning; instant 2.urgency; emergency; exig...

紧急联系人 emergency contact person 然后后面接个写 紧急联系电 emergency contact number

翻译如下: 紧急维修 urgent maintenance或urgent repair 例句: 他们正在做紧急维修工作。 They are carrying out urgent repairs.

紧急召集。 用英文表达是: 1. call for an emergency 2. summon in emergency 例句:首相紧急召集内阁会议商讨对策。 The prime minister called for an emergency cabinet meeting to discuss countermeasures.

这么写,用大写 ****URGENT****

紧急处理措施 英文翻译:emergent measures [例句] Special operational procedures in the management of medical wastes and emergent measures for the flowing, leakage, expansion and accidents of medical wastes; 医疗废物管理过程中的...

urgent ; exigent ; imperative ; emergency ;hurry-up

if there were any emergency,。。。。。。。。。。 还有问题可以问我

翻译如下: 情况紧急 翻译方法很多,Emergency situation The situation is critical. 或者直接emergency都可以。 例句: 在情况紧急时,我们可以依靠我们的积蓄。 In an emergency we can fall back on our savings.

有多种,看场合: 紧急通告 [ jǐn jí tōng gào ] emergency information emergency announcement. Urgent notice: Warnings 越长越正式.

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