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接住 英文

看语境,catch一般翻译是抓住接住,要是东西掉了你突然提醒别人,喊get it也是一样的

不能接住外界的力量的英文 Can't undertake the power from the outside.

[yīng yǔ] 英语 (语言) 编辑 英语(English)是印欧语系-日耳曼语族下的语言,由26个字母组合而成,英文字母渊源于拉丁字母,拉丁字母渊源于希腊字母,而希腊字母则是由腓尼基字母演变而来的。英语是国际指定的官方语言(作为母语),也是世界...

Fortunately, I caught you


get the book 或是catch the book

Raiden(雷电):Armstrong!I said my sword was the tool of justice,not use to anger,not use to revenge,but now.......now i'm not so sure.And besides,this isn't my sword. Armstrong(阿姆斯特朗):Come on! Raiden(雷电):OK,Let's d...

From Sarah with Love 播放 歌手:Sarah Connor From Sarah With Love Sarah Connor Made by Sun For so many years we were friends And yes I always knew what we could do But so many tears in the rain Felt the night you said That love...

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My dog can take the football by using its mouth

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