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estimate估计 overestimate高估 underestimate低估 如果你说的估计是“认为”的意思,那么think、believe、figure之类都可以表达。

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保守的估计 a conservative estimate; Conservative estimate; [例句]而且这只是一个相当保守的估计。 And that's a pretty conservative estimate.

估计值,计算值的英文翻译是:Calculated value, estimated value,

conservative estimate 这是一个名词词组。或者你把estimate当动词也可以。

会计估计 [网络] Accounting estimates; accounting estimate; accounting estimation; [例句]第九条企业对会计估计变更应当采用未来适用法处理。 Article9The prospective application method shall be adopted by an enterprise for treating ...

I made mistake in estimating the delivery date. 我错误的估计了交期

我们的成功远远超出了我们估计的范围。 使用(go beyond)翻译为英文是: Our success went far beyond our estimate. 注解:go far beyond, 远远超过; estimate, n. 预测;估计。 请提问者尊重回答者付出的知识和劳动,及时采纳答案!

为您解答 predictor seer prophet 都可以

① I reckon it's because my name is too wicked. Really, I can't think of any other reason for them to shut me out. ② He wants to strip me of my own idea. ③ Before it was born, no one gave it any attention. ④ Until I thought up t...

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