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翻译如下: 把那个茶杯递给我. 哪个,是脏的 -Pass me that tea cup。 -The cup is dirty.

Your cup is dirty? 例如: 我需要为摔碎的杯子付钱吗? Need I pay for the broken glass?

1.桌子上有一只长铅笔。 There is a long pencil on the desk. 2.桌子上的茶杯是空的。 The cup on the desk is empty. 3.史密斯太太的厨房有一个电炉 There is an elcetric stove in the kitchen of Mrs Smith's. 4.架子上有一些杂志. Three ar...

The cup on the desk is empty

It has a few cups

There is no coffee but milk in my mother's cup. There is no coffee in my mother's cup, but there is some milk in it.

你好,可以表达为“He knocked the teacup off the table” 原文中暗含 事情已经发生的含义 所以用过去时 并且这里茶杯是从桌子上掉下来了 用介词off能恰当的表达 有什么问题继续问哈 望采纳 谢谢~~~

某人丢失了一个蓝色和白色条纹的杯子 Someone is missing a blue and white stripe cup

他把杯子掉了,结果摔得粉碎 翻译是: He dropped the cup and shattered it.

待翻译内容:茶杯 翻译后内容:The cup 网络翻译,仅供参考!

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