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必须 的翻译有很多: necessary - 表示客观需求 essential - 表示必不可少 imperative- 表示紧迫性 must - 一定要的 have to - 表示被迫性 【英语牛人团】

那必须的用英语可称为That's necessary、That must be done、that is a must。 必须的英文:must; necessary; have to; be obliged to; gotta。 例句: 1、那必须的 That's necessary. 2、那是必须的 That must be done. 3、如果他能获得这些人...

have to 祝你学习进步,更上一层楼!(*^__^*) 有不会的可以再问我:)

不需要 [词典] [法] non-essential; have no use for; [例句]你不需要呆在这儿了。 There's no need for you to stay. 不是必要的 [词典] dispensable; [例句]这些对工作来说不是必要的技能。 Those are not necessary for this job.

必须地 [词典] necessarily; [例句]我必须严格地规划我的学业,同时给自己定下明确的目标。 I have to plan my academic work very rigidly and set myself clear objectives

1、do without 2、have no use for 3、with no need for 4、needn't 【need 】 1、v.需要;必需 。 If the ground is too dry, then you need to water it. 如果地面太干燥,那么你就需要给它浇浇水。 You need some warm clothes for the winter...

你好,一共有3个词可表达这个意思~_~ need,want,require。词组也有很多,in need of… ,call for …可以看情况选用~_~ 比如:I need some water. I want some water. I am in need of some water. 祝你好运~_~

I have to find it 例句: “我知道,”这位盲人说道,“在我踢他屁屁之前,我必须得先找到它的头。” "I know," said the blind man," but I gotta find his head before I can kick his butt."

由于工作需要:As what work demands 按邀请函规定时间内:within the time marked on the invitation.

What can I do for you?或May I help you? 这是外国交际用语,需要我帮助吗或我可以为你做什么吗,换个意思理解就是你需要什么吗。

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