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水杯有很多种,如果是马克杯即带手柄的水杯是cup,如果是玻璃杯就是glass,bottle 通常是指的瓶子,比如我们买的大亨牛奶就是用botttle

杯子的英文:cup 读音:英 [kʌp] 美 [kʌp] n. 杯子;一杯之量;奖杯;罩杯 vt. 使成杯形;把某物放入杯中 cup直接源自古英语的cuppe;最初源自拉丁语的cupa,意为杯、桶、盆。 常见句型 1、The cup hit the wall and broke on impact....

杯子 杯子[简明汉英词典] [bēizǐ] 1. cup 2. tumblerful 茶杯 茶杯[简明汉英词典] [chábēi] 1. teacup

a cup made of china,这里的china首字母小写,是陶瓷、瓷器的意思

plastic cup stainless steel cup glass如果指水杯,那一定是玻璃杯,哪怕是带耳的玻璃杯; bottle是瓶子,这个没什么疑问; cup也不一定是带耳的

您好: 水杯: cup ,glass, 都可以的。 望采纳,祝开心!

Cups (杯子歌) - Anna Kendrick (安娜·肯德里克) Written by:Luisa Gerstein I've got my ticket for the long way around 我拿到了远走高飞的飞机票 Two bottle whiskey for the way 带上两瓶威士忌 And I sure would like some sweet company...

Generally composed of ceramic or stainless steel with a vacuum layer made into a water storage containers, at the top of a covered, sealed JANSEN, vacuum insulation installed in the house allows water and other liquids slow coo...

这杯子很好看 This cup is very good-looking

That is a cup. 下面我来回答你的追问, It is a cup. This is a cup. That is a cup. 的问题。 It 开头的那句 重点在描述“是杯子” this 开头的 重点在“这(地点位置)” that开头的 重点在“那(地点位置)” 希望你明白了,这三句都对,主要看重...

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